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Teacher Training

Become a certified RYT 200 instructor though the CatFit Yoga (CFY) teacher training program. Whether you want to become a yoga instructor or simply deepen your yoga practice, our Yoga Alliance Certified program will allow you to achieve your personal goals. 

Study with us and you will find the support of a vibrant, caring and positive community where you will receive individualized 

attention in every class.


Ready to become an instructor?

Benefits of training

Our Yoga Alliance Certified program is a big step in personal growth.  Our program is designed to fit into your life.

Benefits of participating in CFY teacher training:

  • Deepen your physical yoga practice. You will learn correct alignment, modifications, and benefits of each pose in detail. 

  • Learn new yoga skills. You will learn new poses that may not be covered in regular yoga classes.

  • Become a part of a community.  

  • Investment in your health. Practicing yoga every day gives your health and wellness a boost.  

  • Become more confident in life. During CFY teacher training, you will feel challenged as you learn and grow. This will allow you to gain more confidence in your ability to take on new challenges in yoga and in life.  


Deposit of $300 with your application (this is applied towards your tuition)

Early Bird Discounted Price: $2500 

Regular Tuition Price:  $2800

Payment Plan Price: $2900 (check with Cat or Lauren for details)


Questions? Contact the studio!

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